Posay Miniature Poodles

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                                                                    Posay Miniature Poodles
                                                                          Charisse Mullett
                                                       145 Crystal Lake Dr. Melrose, Fl. 32666
           www.posayminiaturepoodles.com                            [email protected]

                                                                   HOME APPROVAL SURVEY
We pride ourselves in finding good loving homes for our babies, please take a moment to email me the answers to some questions about your home and family.  Thank You

1. Your full name and address
2. Phone number
3. Email address
4. Are you purchasing this puppy for yourself or a gift? If a gift does the recipient know about puppy?
5. What type of home do you live in (home, apartment, condo, etc.)?
A. Own?
6. Are there any other pets in the home? If so what type of breeds?
7. How many children live in the home and what ages?
8. How much time would the puppy be alone in the home during the day?
9. What are you looking for in a puppy?
A. Family Pet
B. Breeder
C. Show Dog
D. Agility Dog
E. Service or Therapy Dog
F. Other, explain
10. What color are you interested in? Solid? Parti?
11. What sex do you prefer?
12. Have you ever owned a Poodle before? They have hair not fur, therefore the hair grows and requires consistent grooming. Poodles are very intelligent and benefit from training so they are well adjusted and do not get in bad habits.
13. Do you have any questions for Posay Miniature Poodles?

Thank You for taking the time so we can get to know all our new puppy parents!